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 Drywall IS Sturdy but…

We all know of someone (or even yourself) who has gone through a piece of drywall at some point. We also all know how unsightly that hole can be if you leave it there, it really grabs your attention and makes the whole area look bad. Whether it be from the kids playing too rough in the house and going through the wall, holes from plumbing or a tv mount, holes from rodents, or even cracks from the house settling over time, we can repair it!

Call a PRO for YOUR Sheetrock or Wood Repairs

Drywall can be a huge pain to work with for most people, so why not save the time and hassle and call an expert to come help you out. We can handle fixing your big damages just as well as we can patch a tiny hole in your drywall. Call for a quote today!

Drywall and Sheetrock vs Plaster

Not only is drywall used to make the actual walls and ceilings of your house, it’s an important safety feature in the home. Before the use of drywall became more universal, plaster was the main medium used. Plaster is far harder to form, repair, and the installation process is extremely intensive compared to the ease of sheetrock. Drywall is far easier to use, it is easier to form it to fit odd areas like arches, and it is one of the easier things to install around your Clayton home, and it’s so incredibly durable. One of the main and little known functions of drywall is actually to slow down the movement of a house fire, it’s far more fire resistant than plaster and can contains fires for longer so people in the home have more time to act accordingly. We at Clayton Home Improvements are drywall experts! So, instead of spending hours on the internet trying to figure it out yourself just to do it wrong, call us and let us get the work done quickly and correctly!

Wood Replacement

In the process of repairing and restoring things around your property, we can look at all of the wood around your property to see if any of it needs replacing. The floorboards in your home take a real beating sometimes, and need occasional replacing. Other things can be damaged simply from sitting in the sun unprotected for a time, other may be water damaged from when you had a leak or a pipe burst. When the boards go untreated they can cause major issues to the stability of your home.  No mater the cause, we can fix or replace whatever you need us to. Not sure which boards might need replacing? Look below to see if this looks familiar.

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