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Painting is a big job, it goes beyond having a can of paint and a brush. Your Clayton home has to be scraped, pressure washed, and then we have to double check the cleanliness before we paint so that we don’t trap any dirt or debris under the paint. We want the cleanest surface possible because that gives you the best results and greatest chance at longevity.

Just as a painter needs a clean fresh canvas to do their work on, we need the same to do the best work on and around your home. The setup is just as important as the execution here. No mater how phenomenal of a job is done with the painting, if the surface isn’t properly prepared it won’t even last as long as a bad job done on a perfectly prepared surface.

Interior & Exterior Painting Pros

We are capable of handling both interior and exterior painting on most any home! When most people think of paint they just think of artwork, a medium only used for aesthetics in the mind of many. Well, we take paint one step further, we utilize it to its full potential to both make your home look better and to help protect it. Nature can be so harsh on your home, a good layer of paint on the outside can act like a shield of sorts for your home, blocking out the things you don’t want. One fresh coat of paint can make your whole entire house look newer! We can paint your home, any buildings you may have outside, porches, decks, and anything else you may want! Not sure if we can paint it? Just call us and ask! We do our best to work with every situation we come across in the Clayton area.

Does your home need a change?

No matter how much you loved that one color years ago, a change could be just what your home needs. If you think your siding is starting to look questionable, let us come take a look and find out! A fresh layer of paint could have it looking like new, rather than you having to re-side your entire house! Protecting your siding with paint can even increase its effective life, adding another layer of defense. Money you spend on paint and painters is easily earned back in the increase of your home’s value, and the added protection it gives can end up saving you thousands from horrible things like mold & mildew damage, rain damage, and it can even help keep out insects and such.

Clayton Home Improvements – CALL A PRO!

Now, painting is not a “fix it all” for all of your issues. If you have damage to your home or your siding is falling apart, paint will not fix that! We can replace your siding separately and then give it a nice coat of paint so it will last you as long as possible. In the grand scheme of things, a paint job is one of the cheapest but most effective and noticeable renovations you can make on the outside or inside of your house. Even painting something as insignificant as an old drab bird bath in your yard can really brighten things up! Call today to see what we can paint for you!

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