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Interior & Exterior Painting in Smithfield & Selma NC

Clayton Home Improvements is capable of handling both interior and exterior painting on most any home in the Smithfield NC, Selma NC or nearby areas! When most people think of paint, they think of artwork, a medium only used for aesthetics in the mind of many. Clayton Home Improvements will take paint one step further, utilizing it to its full potential to both make your home look better and to help protect it. One fresh coat of paint can make your entire house look its best! Clayton Home Improvements can paint your home, any buildings you may have outside, porches, decks, and anything else you may want. Call today for a free estimate!

Drywall & Wood Repair

We all know of someone (or even yourself) who’s gone through a piece of drywall at some point. That hole if you leave it there can bring down the look of the entire place. Drywall can be a huge pain to work with for most people, so why not save the time and hassle and “Call A Pro” to come help you out. Clayton Home Improvements can handle fixing your big damages just as well as we can patch a tiny hole in your drywall.

In the process of repairing and restoring things around your property, Clayton Home Improvements can look at all of the wood around your property to see if any of it needs replacing. Repeated attacks from water, whether it be a leak or occasional rainfall, can cause a major issue with the integrity of the wood in your house. The most common places that wood is found to rot is around windows, doors,decks and along the eaves of your house. Have the professional at Clayton Home Improvements save you from a major issue on down the road.

Pressure Washing Smithfield NC & Selma NC

Pressure washing is the most effective way to quickly and efficiently clean surfaces like driveways, decks, patios, and the siding on your home or business. It removes years of built up dirt and grime. When pressure washing by yourself you can easily stand too close and strip the paint from your house or deck. Let the professional at Clayton Home Improvements do the dirty work for you. With years of experience pressure washing all types of surfaces Clayton Home Improvements will be sure to get your property clean and without any damage.

Deck Building, Modification and Repairs

Not sure if your deck needs to be replaced or repaired? Whether it’s a repair or a completely new construction, we’ve got the fix for you. Are bugs attacking you and driving you nuts? Clayton Home Improvements can screen in your porch! Whatever your needs surrounding your deck give Clayton Home Improvements a call and lets get started on what works for you.