Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens can be hubs of activity and socializing, where guests and families come together for food and fun. Your dream recipe could even be born here as your culinary imagination comes true in this space – the possibilities are endless!

Are your kitchen appliances, counters, and cabinets looking dated? Have you been dreaming about adding a bar or entertaining area? Or is the size of your kitchen becoming an issue as your family grows? No matter why you’re considering remodeling, we have successfully helped homeowners in Clayton make things perfect.

Kitchen Remodel Factors To Consider

Before any kitchen renovation, it is essential to determine what you will use the space for. Will it be hosting large dinner parties, entertaining guests, or simply food preparation throughout the week? Each kitchen is tailored to meet different requirements, so our design team will work closely with you to guarantee the space meets your needs.

Understanding What Kitchen You Want

The north Raleigh kitchen renovation project featured an incredible transformation! One family first visited us to find ideas and inspiration for a colonial-style home’s kitchen renovation. After meeting them in the showroom, they had an initial concept and were eager to move forward! The initial design of their home was more classic, featuring a formal dining room and an uninviting, closed-in kitchen. With these initial impressions in mind, they took the next step excitedly!

First and foremost, we needed to remove the wall that separated the formal dining room and kitchen room, creating a spacious area perfect for entertaining or cooking. But our work didn’t end there! We also widened the entrance into their family room, making the back living area even more extensive and airier.

They coordinated with us to select specifications, including White cabinets and a neutral grey quartz countertop, chosen for this contemporary, solid countertop installation, featuring a decorative tile backsplash (turned over to give the illusion of diamonds) that combined traditional and modern design elements. Evidently, the family desired to incorporate their traditional style with a modern and contemporary aesthetic. Now they have found their forever home – complete with a stunning kitchen that will remain beautiful for many years into the future!

In the second step, we’ll identify essential appliances and those which will get the most use in your newly renovated kitchen. Ultimately, counter space and cabinet space can be upgraded and optimized to suit both organizational needs and aesthetic preferences.

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