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Exterior painting does aim to make your home look better, but more importantly it aims to protect your home, deck, and any other outside parts of your home. It’s important to protect your home from natural elements like UV rays from the sun and water damage. A quality paint and application is one of the best ways to stop such damage. It doesn’t matter if the outside of your home is covered in algae or you’re just tired of the color that’s been there for as far back as you can remember, we can get it looking just how you want it with nothing more than a good cleaning and a quality pain job! We use only the highest quality paints and materials to apply paint to your home. Why skimp out on something so easy yet so important? The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Is it time to repaint your house?

As many things do, the frequency with which you should re-paint your home and other vulnerable surfaces depends on the climate of your area and the type of siding that you have. If you contact us, we can help you figure out how often this needs to be done, but the average is to re-paint anywhere from every 3-7 years. If you’re questioning the status of your siding and/or paint, we can get in contact and share pictures or even come out to take a look ourselves. So, if you’re thinking to yourself “Well, it’s been twenty years and I’ve never had my house painted”, it’s never too late to get in the right habit, get it painted right now! While we work our way around painting the outside of your home we can keep an eye out for any damage that’s been caused over the years and work to fix or repair your wood that accordingly if you wish. We can never stress how important the health of your home is!

Cost Effective Home Painters

Factually speaking, an exterior painting job has a much higher rate of return than any interior work likely will. Curb appeal really does matter, having a nice freshly painted home and a good looking porch can be the difference between someone stopping to look at your house or not! While getting your house painted, it’s important not to neglect the other things around there like your porch, any shed you may have, etc. We are more than happy to paint those also, as they take a beating from the elements too, and they’re worth protecting for both their value to you and the value they add to your property. We are more than glad to take your calls and questions, and can provide you with a estimate quickly!


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